Cash Back on
Every Purchase

How It Works

  1. Add Xhibition’s Wallet Pass to your Apple or Android device.
  2. Make a purchase and get cash back instantly.
  3. The more you spend, the more you earn.

VIP Tiers

Visitor - 2.5% Cash Back

Spend below $500 and receive 2.5% Cash Back

Insider - 5% Cash Back

Spend between $500 and $1,000, and receive 5% Cash Back

VIP - 7.5% Cash Back

Spend above $1,000 and receive 7.5% Cash Back

Based on your spending over the last 365 days


Your points have been converted to dollars (1 point = $.05) and are available on your wallet pass for immediate spending. Ensure that the email associated with your pass is the same as your Xhibition account. Your point balance converted to Cash Back must be spent by Monday, 01/01 at Noon EST.

Yes, you must have the Xhibition wallet pass to earn cash back on your online purchases. Only one pass per customer.

Follow these links on your mobile device: Apple or Google Wallet Pass.

From your wallet pass, head to the back of your pass and click Redeem. Your credit will automatically be applied to your cart.

As a wallet pass holder, you will be the first to be notified of any promotions, product launches, and new arrivals. There will be regular wallet pass-specific initiatives. Further benefits will rolled out to wallet pass holders in the future.

Currently, you cannot use your wallet pass balance in-store. 

Currently, your in-store purchases do not count towards your loyalty status.

Yes. Any future Cash Back will expire 365 days after it is earned. The $20 welcome bonus is a limited-time offer and must be spent by Tuesday, 11/28 at Noon EST. Your point balance converted to Cash Back must be spent by Monday, 01/01 at Noon EST.

Your VIP tier is determined by your spending over the last 365 days, excluding shipping and tax.