Sean Brown Q+A

Sean Brown Q+A

We asked Toronto-born multi-disciplinary artist, Sean Brown, to share a few things as we present his homegoods line, Curves by Sean Brown, here on




Who & what influences your personal style?

Rap mags, 90s Eddie Vedder & Bianca Jagger.

Is there a physical place that time and time again inspires you?

The dock by my house. I go there and zone out, but the walk along the boardwalk is also great.

What’s your favorite city to explore & why?


What are you listening to right now? Who/what are you always listening to? Is there 1 album that will forever be on replay?

Just Blaze vs. Swizz Beatz mixtape by Mister Cee.



In 2018, Curves was born as a solo-art exhibit in Toronto dedicated to the “process” and is now carried in some of the world's most renowned multi-brand retailers. Was that always the plan? Can you give us a bit of insight into your process of some of your best ideas?

We start with a why, and the why doesn’t always have to be some elaborate plan to save the planet, sometimes the why is just your cause and effect. Why something sparked a thought, and how it incepted a bigger idea.

What brand are you super into right now?

Vintage Sean John.

You can invite any 3 people to dinner: who do you invite & what do you eat?

Grace Coddington, Bianca Jagger & Grace Jones. We’re having Ackee & Saltfish.


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