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Indie Lee Travel Size Brightening Cleanser  - XHIBITION

Indie Lee

Travel Size Brightening Cleanser

1 fl oz / No Color

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  • Description

    Gently wash away makeup and impurities with this antioxidant rich formula. Strawberry Seed Oil, hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Tomato extracts help strengthen, firm and protect, leaving the skin hydrated, silky and luminous. Doubles as an exfoliating mask if left for 5 minutes before rinsing.

    Key Ingredients:

    Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Non-animal proteins derived from wheat and contain gluten. Used as a foaming and hydrating agent. Improves penetration of moisture, effective pore minimizer resulting in minimized appearance of find lines and wrinkles.

    Lycopene: Powerful antioxidant and bright red carotenoid pigment derived from tomatoes. High in vitamins A, C, & K and used as a gentle astringent and for it’s exfoliating properties that cleanse pores to deliver brighter, glowing skin.

    Strawberry Seed Oil: Rich in salicylic acid (eliminates dead skin cells & tightens pores) and contains vitamins A, B, C & E, folates, flavonoids, tannins, antioxidants and minerals; potassium, boron, phosphorous, flourine, cobalt, magnesium, calcium and sulfur. All of which are beneficial treatments for acne, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and wrinkles.

    Coconut: After the ripe fruit is picked, the hard shell is opened and the solid interior is removed and dried. The oil is derived via cold pressing. Up to 50% of it’s chemical composition is from fatty acids. Effective in hydrating dry skin, used as a foaming & cleansing agent safe for all skin types, reduces inflammation and possesses antimicrobial properties that can treat acne and protect from bacteria.

    Vitamin C: Boosts your skin’s collagen production, improving skin’s texture and quality. Inhibits an enzyme called tyrosinase, responsible for converting tyrosine into melanin, thus preventing hyperpigmentation. One of the most powerful antioxidant used to help fight the aging process, free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation.

    Potassium Sorbate: Derived from potassium salt, considered a very mild, natural & non-toxic preservative. Found in some fruit & known to inhibit bacteria, mold and yeast.

    How to Use: Apply to damp skin, massage and rinse. Use with a wet cotton pad to remove eye makeup. Ideally follow with CoQ-10 Toner.

    Pro-Tip: Doubles as a gentle exfoliating mask if left on for 5 minutes.

    Ingredients: Water (Aqua/Eau), Decyl Glucoside (Veg. Oils & Sugar), Disodium Coco-Glucoside Citrate, Coco Glucoside (Coconut and Sunflower Oil), Glyceryl Oleate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Xanthan Gum, Fragaria Chiloensis (Strawberry) Seed Oil, Lycopene (Tomato), Propanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Potassium Sorbate

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