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Track Pants
Track Pants
Track Pants
Track Pants
Track Pants


Track Pants

XL / Eggplant

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  • Description

    Needles began in 1997, as an in house label under the famed Japanese purveyor of vintage Americana Nepenthes. Created by one half of the Nepenthes brain trust, Keizo Shimizu, Needles began as a project Shimizu used to create his own version of a jacket Miles Davis famously wore. Moving on from that original piece, Needles has become a mix of Japanese and vintage American styles creating a its own unique take on classic sportswear. 

    • Track pant with elasticated waistband and front seam detail. 
    • Striped taping on each leg. 
    • Logo graphic on left thigh. 
    • Side pockets.
    • 100% polyester.
    • Style #: EJ198