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Concrete Cat DARUMACON ornament  - XHIBITION
Concrete Cat DARUMACON ornament  - XHIBITION

Concrete Cat

DARUMACON ornament

O/S / Light Grey

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  • Description

    Canadian atelier Concrete Cat was born in 2007. A collective group of craftspeople and artisans, the brand prides itself on the love and passion they share for their product. With an experimental approach to guide them, the atelier pushes the boundaries of color, shape, and form that can be created using concrete to make objet d’art, furniture, sculpture, and architectural elements. The Darumacon ornament is a symbol of luck and perseverance. Concrete Cat describes the two as being related, stating that luck comes to those who stay with things long enough for opportunities to present themselves. A great gift to remind yourself or loved ones about your goals or for encouragement toward greatness. 

    • Playful lucky ornament. 
    • Dimensions: L: 2.75" x W: 2.75" x H: 2" 
    • Weight: .72 lbs
    • Style #: CONCAT-DARU-1

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