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Fundamental Berlin Benzin Wide Vase  - XHIBITION

Fundamental Berlin

Benzin Wide Vase

12 cm x 18 cm / Blue

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  • Description

    Fundamental Berlin creates furniture and homewares they describe as being inspired by the "Mathematics of Nature." Their study of naturally occurring patterns and forms influences their principles and design philosophy to create unique, artisanal, and stylish goods. Each design, however, is left slightly open-ended, requiring the user to put the final touch to each piece. The Benzin Wide Vase draws inspiration from the strange, shimmering colors, created when oil and water mix. Its made from glass with color created from micro-layer of titanium. 

    • Glass vase. 
    • micro-layer of titanium coating. 
    • 12 cm x 18 cm
    • Made in Germany, treated in Czechia
    • Style #: BEN-WIDE