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Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors


This summer, the Cleveland Museum of Art hosted Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors. The exhibition celebrates the legendary Japanese artist's 65-year career. Similar to a sneaker drop, thousands of people got in line for a chance to get a ticket from each week’s release. Rather than waiting in a traditional line, tickets were sold in 15 minute intervals every Monday morning.



Kusama’s mirror rooms present an unforgettable sensory experience, giving visitors the illusion of infinite space. People from all over the world have captured the perfect kaleidoscopic selfies with over 83k #infinitymirrors photos shared on instagram.



To set this experience apart from any other, the CMA presents exclusive works by Kusama not present in other venues. Visitors are greeted with an outdoor installation of trees wrapped in Kusama’s signature polka dots. Inside the exhibition you will find two exclusive sculptures as well as an additional infinity room.



Cleveland adds an extra dimension to Infinity Mirrors with the “Where the Lights in My Heart Go.” The unique to Cleveland infinity room consists of a silver box with an entirely mirrored interior. Located in the naturally-lit atrium, small holes filter sunlight creating a star-like illusion.


In addition to infinity rooms, the exhibition gives a look at the artist’s career with photographs of her live artwork from the 1960s as well as several paintings and sculptures.



Kusama’s fascination of dots is present throughout the entire installation, especially in the Obliteration Room. This all-white room gives visitors the opportunity to interact by placing their own dots throughout a blank canvas.



Make sure to cop tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime experience before it leaves Cleveland on September 30, 2018.