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X Van Aken Launch Party



Elevated lifestyle retailer of adidas Consortium, Nike Tier 0, Off-White, Stone Island, Acne Studios, and other luxury streetwear brands set for grand opening of new store in the Van Aken district of Shaker Heights.


Cleveland, Ohio - November, 12 2018

Xhibition seeks to create a total sensory experience through art, design, and fashion. This November Xhibition is excited to launch a second Cleveland location at the new Van Aken Shopping District. The District will be a curated collection of “ best of breed” local merchants and a unique collection of restaurants curated by Iron Chef, Jonathon Sawyer.



Developing a design strategy for a client like Xhibition involves absorbing a lot of ideas, images, and concepts; synthesizing them in a way that both stays true to their brand and offers a new experience,” said Sarah Krivanka of Dimit Architects. “There are a lot of pieces to consider: the context of the site and the surrounding building, the façade, lighting, and the way of executing each display are all interrelated. The goal is to make the elements all speak the same language and communicate the experience that the brand is trying to convey.”


“When taking on a project like this, we strive to create a store that is unique to our Xhibition brand, and one that hopefully delivers on the expectations that have already been established. It is true that each space has its own DNA, and you have to work within those physical limitations and or opportunities. But in the end, the ultimate goal is to have our customers walk in and feel that they are in an Xhibition store. It’s a unique collaboration between our team, the architect and the actual space itself,” said Xhibition partner and shoe buyer, Steve Silver



Featured as one of GQ’s ‘Best Sneaker & Streetwear Shops in America’, Mark Anthony Green said, “As a style-minded guy from the Midwest, I know the story too well: There's maybe one clothing store in town that gets it… What Xhibition does—and what big-city boutiques never can—is double as a clubhouse for every guy in town who also gets it. That's the kinda feeling that can make a Midwest boy proud.”


Xhibition is committed to educating through a meticulous assortment of unique brands, commissioned exhibitions, in-store events, and special collaborative product. The store represents an assortment of designer sportswear brands different from any other retailer in Cleveland. What sets the new Van Aken location apart from the flagship store is a female-focused shopping experience. With this shift, Xhibition will offer exciting new women’s collections, carefully curated from a female perspective.



“What we sought to do with this project was to create a platform to tell an authentic multi-gender story. Our aim was to create an elevated experience that felt very inclusive,” said owner Robert Rosenthal, “We hope our customers and friends feel that we’ve accomplished that.”


To celebrate, the new location will be hosting a grand opening event on Thursday, November 15th from 7pm-11pm. The open-invite party will be hosted by adidas ambassador and DJ Hannah Bronfman. At the event, Xhibition will be showcasing the exclusive new adidas x Olivia LeBlanc Collection. Guests will have the opportunity to design their own adidas track jacket at the customization station. Food will be provided by award-winning chef, Jonathon Sawyer, and drinks by local mixologist Kathleen Sullivan.

For more information on the X Van Aken Launch Party, follow @xhibition_ on Instagram or contact