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Give Fresh Air: Support Boys and Girls Club Heroes Like These

This Saturday, March 23, from 11AM to 4PM at Xhibition's Van Aken location, you have an opportunity to Give Fresh Air to the heroes of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland through donations of cash or new/very gently used shoes.


 Emphasizing academic success, healthy lifestyles, and character & citizenship, the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland provides a safe space for children to learn and grow.




Xhibition Supports the Boys and Girls Club of America




Jimiah, 8, was once considered a troublemaker who broke rules and got into altercations with other kids. Then she joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, where several of her cousins are regulars, and that changed her life. Jimiah’s discipline rapidly improved under the watch of caring Club mentors. Her mom worked with staff members to reinforce the good behavior. Jimiah had a safe, fun place to go after school, homework help, a hot meal every day, and variety of healthy, positive activities,


Last fall, she sang in the Club choir. She loves art. She has friends.

 Xhibition Supports the Girls and Boys Club of Cleveland




Greg's world got a lot bigger last summer. As part of a cutting-edge Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland program, he and 15 other teens learned the construction trades and rehabilitated two homes in conjunction with Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity. It was an eye-opener for Greg.


“I can definitely see myself working in construction, maybe as an engineer or in one of the trades,” he said. “I learned I can work much harder than I thought I could. I also learned to be more of a leader.” 

 Xhibition Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland




Frank was angry when he lost his mother unexpectedly at age 14. He lashed out. He didn’t have a positive way to blow off steam. Then he joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, where he found support, friends and opportunities. He soon became a youth leader and neighborhood volunteer. He worked two jobs. Each day, he rose at 5 a.m. to get his siblings ready for school before taking two buses and a train to make his own first-period class.


Frank’s Club director says she is says she is “in awe of Frank’s ability to be resilient.”  She adds, “He is no poster child for a sob story. He is one of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland’s greatest success stories in the making. Frank has an unmatched work ethic.”

 Xhibition Supports The Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland




Tamara wasn’t always the confident college student she is today. As a youngster, she was reserved and reluctant to try new things. Then she joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, which she describes as “a place of many opportunities.” Tamara took advantage of all of them, becoming a top student, leader and the 2018 Ohio Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year. Her Club director calls her “a rose that grew from concrete.”


Today, Tamara is a freshman at Xavier University and is studying to be a lawyer.